Jaynil Beauty Parlour Vadodara

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Jaynil Beauty Parlour Screen - Jaynil Beauty Parlour Vadodara

Jaynil beauty parlour is a project of informative website for saloon located in Vadodara, Client have some photo , only logo and client don,t want to invest big amount on this project.

Jaynil beauty parlour vadodara Home Page
Home page
Jaynil beauty parlour vadodara Gallery Page
Gallery Page
Jaynil beauty parlour vadodara Admin Page
Jaynil beauty parlour vadodara Media Page
Media Manager


  • Low investment
  • Small time
  • No data
  • No idea what to do


This is mobile friendly website with admin panel, admin can change all content of this site, with help of image uploading system admin can upoad new images and delete old images, Via contact form visitor can contact admin & admin recive e-mail of visitor details, With help of map visitor can easily find location of beauty parlour, this website is hosted on my server.

Time (approx)

  • 1 week for design & testing
  • 1 week for Admin Panel & testing


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